Galia Lahav

Besides fashion designer and businesswoman, who is Galia Lahav? Galia does not come off as someone who single-handedly runs her own fast-paced company. Galia is authentic and genuine, warm and full of energy. While she is extremely direct, she has a warm and thoughtful nature and is truly passionate about her business. But how do we begin to explain how this petite woman gathers the energy to run the world? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Galia feels she was "reborn" twice in the last three decades; for the first time, at the age of 32, when she left the field of education as an arts & crafts teacher to pursue her dream of building a fashion house and, the second time, a decade ago, when she delved into the international market and reached 70 points of sale. Nevertheless, Galia’s uncompromising style, aesthetics, and love for the art of fashion will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

If you are lucky enough to meet Sharon Sever at one of our trunk shows, then you will know that he invests his heart into all of his designs. As a dedicated student, Sharon left his family and hometown in Ashdod, Israel, to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer in one of the world’s most fabulous cities: Paris. A BFA Graduate and Fashion Diploma holder from the Paris American Academy, Sharon also apprenticed at Christian Lacroix, Pierre Balmain, Carven, Balenciaga, and other leading Parisian fashion houses. What you might not know is that Galia was Sharon’s arts & crafts school teacher! Galia always admired Sharon’s talents and the way he sketched and designed with utmost care and delicacy, always resulting in perfection.