Ines Di Santo


Ines Di Santo is an internationally renowned bridal gown and eveningwear designer. She has served as a leader on the world wedding stage for more than three decades. An unapologetic romantic, Ines has built her namesake brand by infusing every wedding gown with the essence of her passion for beauty, love, and desire.

Fueled by the eternal fantasy of the ‘perfect’ wedding gown, Ines Di Santo bridal gowns are a modern interpretation of classic couture techniques, exquisitely handcrafted embroideries, and the finest European fabrics. Inspired by her upbringing in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ines connected to the romance of the art world as a young woman and went on to study fine art and design in Argentina and Italy. This connection laid the foundation for her expression as a fashion designer. Using the gestures of fine art as a catalyst, she brought her art, Ines Di Santo bridal, to life in glamorous, feminine glory.


Born in Toronto and blessed to grow up in an atelier, Veronica has worked alongside her mother, Ines, since the tender age of five. She joined the business in her own right in 1998, expanding the Ines Di Santo brand to become one of the fastest-growing luxury bridal companies in North America.

As both her mother’s business partner and her daughter, Veronica remains her most trusted critic and adoring fan. With Ines running the design room and Veronica as Managing Partner, the duo’s commitment allows them to play on each of their strengths and continuously grow the Ines Di Santo brand philosophy.